1. Detached erased and moving on .


  2. I was doing just fine being immune. Then you came along and made me feel all this shit and in the end all You left me with is every sting every tug and every heart drop that I’ve been avoiding for over a year and i have no one to blame but myself.

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    ill go out of my way and hit people up to make sure theyre coolin or just to have a convo with them to show them i think theyre relevant but the second i see that im not as important to them ill drop them without hesitation

    i could be asking you about your day and tryna make you feel better one day and the next day you could die and id probably just give you the kanye shrug as a reaction.

    So tru.

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  8. "Knowing you wanted to be a part of my everything was the only thing I ever wanted."
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  11. "For every time I gave a fuck, that fuck, fucked me over."
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  13. I gave you everything I didn’t have and more. I never asked for anything in return. I never try or put in effort with anyone , but I fucking tried so hard with you. I stuck around even when i got angry, I learned to get over shit. I could feel myself growing soft for you, holding back fucking tears. I am how I am I won’t change and I can’t change but atleast when I’m with You I can hold my tongue and I can try. But you will always be ” just how I am “. You can be how you are for the rest of your life , and I’ll go back to the way i was.

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  15. "But fucking hell I never thought it would hurt this much."